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Sniffing out the Southbank

For London Design week 2012, at Designersblock, in the famous Southbank Center I was given to opportunity to hold a scent based workshop, which interacted with the surrounding space. 

Scent is such an important sense, yet it is often forgotten. Smell is invisible and yet surrounds us. What can you currently smell?

At the Southbank there are numerous scents, from the stewed Thames water, classing with delicious freshly baked goods, with newly painted exhibition spaces with an undertone of damp, gritty concrete. Over the course of this workshop you will help to sniff out and discover the scent of the Southbank. Using a steam distillation kit, which has been purpose made in order to distil scents from fabric, you will be sent out and around the center to explore and gather as many scents as possible.

Step into the experimental scent lab, surrounded with a variety of scents bottle from many locations, to explore you smell receptor. Please bring a clear nose and be prepared to explore and capture scents.


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