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Working alongside craftspeople, scientists, makers of all kinds, engineers, I create inspiring, engaging events for all ages. From small scale masterclass with a craftsperson to large scale events with 10,000 visitors. 

Listed below are some of the events I have worked on. 

Freelance Event 

Institute of Making

Festival of Stuff

2014 - 2016

The Festival of Stuff is an annual festival celebrating all this materials and making. It usually runs during a week in June or July, and consists of bookable masterclasses and a public open day extravaganza of materials and making. 

Visitor numbers for the three years I was Events Manager: 

2014 - 800 

2015 - 1300

2016 - 2500

More about the festival here

Cheltenham Science Festival


Enter a carnival of creativity in the MakerShack: explore wondrous materials and intriguing techniques with a host of makers, engineers and craftspeople, and put your newfound knowledge to the test as you make your very own creations and inventions.

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