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Traces, London

When wondering through a dilapidated building one can often wonder what was it once like. Who once lived her? What did they do? Organises Donna Walker (a product designer) and Tallulah Mason (set designer) often wondered what if by recreating a space using the stories of the past whilst everything is touchable and sellable.

Project 1 - Victorian Pub
From creating authentic Victorian candles using animal fat of which as you can image have a unique scent. On entering the pub you walk straight into a gin infused bar, flowing up the stair through the soapy laundry there are three rooms. The damp mothball ridden storage room. Musky smoke filled office where the master once ran the business from. Finally the bedroom once occupied by prostitutes infused with citrus scent. It was known that prostitutes in an attempt at hiding their sex smell wore citrus scents. 

Project 2 - Junk Shop

For London design week 2012, Traces were asked to do a small teaser event, taking inspirations from the nearby Portobello Market. My task was to capture the scent of a Junk shop from Portobello Market. The scent of a musty, damp and mothball space that is full of vintage objects. Printed paper is often a strong scent of a junk shop, by capturing this along with a heavy musky scent on top of a damp, mothball scent a junk shop comes alive. 

Project 3 - Holdron's Shopping Arcade

Once a dilapidated shopping arcade in Peckham, Traces were set to transformed their largest venue to date. The arcade was transformed into its former glory, back to the 20's. The tea rooms were the main focus of the scents which I was tasked to create. Other scents ranged from the sticky, sweaty staff room to a luxury millinery workshop. 



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