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Hello, I'm Olivia Alice Clemence a Designer, Freelance Event Manager, Scent Designer, Maker and founder of Make Makers. 

Working alongside crafts people, scientists, makers of all kinds, engineers, I create inspiring, engaging events for all ages. Currently working for Cheltenham Science Festival, the Institute of Making at University College London and Goldsmiths, BA Design. 
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Make Makers offers a wide range of masterclasses from chocolate tempering to wooden spoon carving, willow weaving to enamelling. All events are hosted by a master maker in their own studio, offering a rare glimpse into a masters workspace, an insight into the makers world, in the hope that their skills might be spread further.

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Make Makers

Freelance Event 

During my final year at Goldsmiths University, BA Design my project focused on the scent left behind in clothing from deceased loved ones. Since I been exploring steam distilling fragrances to act as room scents. I have also written a book chapter titled 'A DIY guide for extracting scent in your kitchen', coming out in 2017. 

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Scent Designer

I am a multidisciplinary designer and I can turn my hand to multiple tasks. I have recently designed the graphics for the Institute of Making's end of year reports (year 1, 2 and 3). And designed a publication titled 'Victorians Decoded' which sat alongside an exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery. 
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I am passionate about all kinds of making, hence founding my latest business, Make Makers. Everyday everyone makes something from cooking your dinner to making the perfect cup of tea, we are all makers! 
Did you know that some crafts are becoming extinct? This is something that I would like to try to stop happening. Follow my latest projects here.

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